Helium 10 Review

written on 2020/January/31

It’s common knowledge that there are many tools that can be used in making Amazon FBA businesses more profitable. Helium 10 Chrome extension is an example of these tools, and truly among the most efficient. Helium 10 is designed to make the selling process easier and more seamless, we’ll tell you exactly why. 

What is Helium 10? 

Helium 10 is a cloud-based suite of tools designed specially for Amazon sellers who are planning to make their SEO, product research, competitor analysis, etc much better. It finds ideas for products, monitors competitors and evaluates the ranking of keywords. The traditional means of performing these tasks is much slower and far less effective than working with Helium 10 tools. 

Helium 10 Pricing 

Helium 10 plan consists of a free subscription and four other paid subscriptions. The paid plans are an A la Carte plan that starts at $17 a month, Platinum at $97 a month, Diamond at $197 a month and the Elite at $397 a month. 

Helium 10 Tools 

Helium 10 has an array of features to aid Amazon FBA businesses, they are: 

1. Black Box

Blackbox is the best known Helium 10 feature and will be discussed first in this review. It is a tool used for product research that analyzes more than 450 million products and lets you know the best ones that are best sellers.

helium 10 extension

For an amateur, 450 million may appear too huge to properly scan for bestsellers, but Helium 20 has smart searches that offer you an option to filter products by price, category, price, monthly sales, etc. 

2. Xray

Just like the name suggests, Xray gives you a more detailed analysis of the results gotten after scanning with black box. It goes through the results and offers you crucial data such as sales trends, projected monthly revenue, etc. 

3. Review Downloader

This tool grants you access to product reviews and lets you export those that contain valuable feedback so you can utilize it to enable your product experience exceed that of your competitors. 

4. Inventory Levels

Inventory levels show you how much stock your competitors have remaining, you can easily utilize this information to make your business better. 

5. Trendster

Trendster aids you when you are planning your strategies by offering you key insights into products that have a high sell rate during festive seasons or other holidays. 

6. Profitability Calculator

This feature lets you predict at a glance how profitable a product would be if you were to sleek it.

helium 10 chrome extension

It does this by giving you data like Product dimensions and weight, FBA storage fees, margin percentages of profits, shipping charges, present item price, and size of the product. 

7. Magnet

This tool helps you find related keywords that people are looking for on Amazon. In a few seconds, you can find any gainful keywords and rank them. 

8. Celebro

Celebro is a feature that grants you access to the keyword strategies of your competition and the precise volume of searches, sneaky! 

9. Scribbles

Scribbles improves the listing of your products by reminding you to input keywords, gives you options of the best search terms, notifies you if you are using too many keywords and saves your product listing information. 

10. Frankenstein

Frankenstein produces many keywords and creates a separate list for them to make your list creating easier. 

11. Index Checker

Index checker verified that the keywords you use in your listings are indexed by Amazon. 

12. Keyword Tracker

This tool tracks the keywords in your listings to ensure they are working fine, it lets you know what strategies are effective and those that aren’t.

13. Profits

Profits lets you know your profits on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. . 

14. Alerts

Alerts helps you by notifying you when your list is tampered with or changed, thus preventing the nuisance of hackers. 

15. Inventory Protector

Inventory protector limits the number of single products a buyer can order or purchase at a time, this prevents frauds designed to sabotage your inventory calculations. 

16. Refund Genie

Refund Genie helps you recoup losses on sales that Amazon should pay to you. 

17. Follow-Up

Follow-up improves your email marketing strategy by sending product details such as date of delivery, shipping information, etc to your customers. Most of its functions are automated. 


What is Helium 10 used for?

It is used to discover ideas for products and gainful keywords, optimize listings, and manage all aspects of your business from a dashboard.

Can I test Helium 10 tools? 

Helium 10 lets you have a limited free version for most tools. 

How to connect Helium 10 account to my professional Amazon seller account? 

You can do this by using the steps outlined by the Helium 10 developers here.

Is Helium 10 accurate? 

Yes. Helium 10 is a highly accurate tool.