Viral Launch Review

written on 2020/January/29

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If there is one thing that is true about being an Amazon FBA seller, it is that it is not for the faint of heart. Choosing a product that will carry your business into sustainability and growth can be a nightmare due to the sheer volume of products and competitors. 

But what if there was a way to have all the information you need quickly to increase your likelihood of picking a profitable product? If your answer is yes, then this Viral Launch review is for you.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch can best be described as a collection of tools that are integrated into a platform that makes the FBA selling process easy and profitable. Not only does it assist the seller in finding products that will be a hit, but to also stay ahead of the competition without breaking too much of a sweat.

Viral Launch Pricing

Before we talk about Viral Launch prices, it is worth mentioning that there is a Viral Launch free trial that you can sign up for to try out the Viral Launch features. But basically, Viral-Launch has four plans: Beginner, Pro, Brand Builder and Kinetic.

Of course, each Viral Launch cost for the plans is different and you get more features with the top-tier plans. Expect to pay, $50, $83, $125 and $166 for the Beginner, Pro, Brand Builder and Kinetic plans, respectively. You just have to pick which Viral Launch pricing is right for you based on your needs.

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Viral Launch Solutions

Below you will find descriptions of Viral Launch’s tools. As you will see, this tool can indeed help you become the best FBA seller based on what it can do for your Amazon business.

Kinetic PPC

This is one of the new Viral Launch packages and is only available with the Kinetic plan. It allows you to create, automate, manage and monitor your PPC campaigns to drive results. It also helps you find high-ranking keywords that will help your campaigns reach more people and increase sales.

Product Discovery

Viral Launch Product discovery is your product finder, giving you various advanced research tools that help you track down niches with profitable products and low competition. That way, you get in on the action before anyone else does.

Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Market Intelligence gives you historical data on products before you invest. This compliments the product finder well, allowing you to narrow down your list even further by spotting trends that indicate the product will make money all year round. Just try an amazon sales calculator for your business. It also helps you calculate your FBA fees to find out if the potential profit is worth it for any given product.

There is also a Viral Launch Chrome extension available for Market intelligence. This Viral Launch extension allows you to do all the market research you want without leaving Amazon.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research lets you find keywords that are relevant to your product. Also, it allows you to discover keywords that your competitors are using to index and rank their listings when you do a reverse ASIN lookup.

Competitor Intelligence

This is the tool you use to do a reverse ASIN lookup. And with all your relevant keywords in hand, you can build a listing that will increase the ROI of your PPC campaigns.

Listing Analyzer

To make your listing appear at the top, it needs to be perfect. This tool tells you what is wrong with your listing by comparing it to your competitors’ listings so you can tweak yours and send it to the top.

Keyword Manager

Keywords aren’t forever, meaning their indexing, ranking and other important metrics can change. This tool looks at all your keywords in your listing and analyzes them, giving you insights on which ones you need to add, change or remove to keep your listing at the top.

Listing Builder

What if you could build the perfect listing with just a few clicks? Well, you can with Listing Builder, which also makes sure that your listing contains all the most important keywords.